Jamaica gets a gift from United Kingdom, a prison.

Until Black people around the world get on the path envisioned by Marcus Garvey, they will continue to be just pawns in other people’s games.

A few months after Obama visited Jamaica in an effort to thwart the Chinese influence in the country, the British prime minister is doing the same.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a one day stop in Jamaica. Unlike Obama who promised Jamaica cheap gas in an effort to wean the island of Venezuela’s subsidized gas, the British prime minister had another kind of gift for the country. The British Government is giving amaica 25 million pounds to build a prison.

Sudden Loss of a Diamond!

Spotlight Radio-105 FM, recently confirmed the shooting death of the Mighty Diamond’s legendary roots Reggae Lead Vocalist, Donald (Tabby Diamond) Shaw. He was shot dead on McKinley Crescent in St Andrew South yesterday. Three other people were shot in the drive-by attack.

The musician, whose real name is Donald Orlando Shaw, 67, was among a group seated on the roadway when they came under attack about 9:45 p.m.

They were rushed to hospital by residents where Shaw and another man (Owen Beckford) were pronounced dead and three other people admitted with gunshot injuries.

Our sincere condolences to his family, and the entire music fraternity.

John Legend

Spotlight Radio 105 FM

Spotlight Radio 105 FM